Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Whether you celebrate or not we hope you’re enjoying your day off today!

It’s great to get more time to spend with family and friends and we’re enjoying the short vacation we get to take.

These next few days we will be spending time with our family and of course exploring those Black Friday Sales.

Happy Thanksgiving

And because this is a day where a lot of folks like to remember what they are thankful for, we’d like to tell you what we’re thankful for too!

We are thankful that Hijabtrendz has grown over the last 6 years and continues to evolve.

Our fanbase is amazing and while we always encourage all points of view and expression please refrain from spreading hateful words or mean spirited comments.

Please take time to review our disclaimer if you are new to the site and are not sure what it’s about.

As our fan page continues to grow, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of negative commentary, and we don’t understand why it’s turning that way. If you’ve never commented and have something positive to say, please speak up and help us combat online bullying! 🙂

Thank you again for sticking with us and we wish you health, happiness and lots of love.

Oh and just for fun, here is an article about a woman named Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Nina thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂

  2. Nina

    Just read this and want to post a positive comment, Thank you for spending six years building Hijabtrendz. People should appreciate more the time spent and articles written which we all read for free and spend less time being negative and finding faults when there most of the time is none.

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