Muslim women and other related links for Nov 29th

Here is a compilation of some recent articles that have made their way around the internet lately:

First there is the article about “The Evolution of Bitchiness”. We thought the article was pretty on point, and it somewhat made sense that hijab can be a tool that is used to protect women from their insecurities/jealousy/competitiveness of one another when out in public. You can read The Atlantic article here.

Then the other piece that a friend sent us is all about the new hijab uniforms being issued to Muslim women police officers in Canada. The article, not surprisingly, is titled “Edmonton police set to unveil official hijab that Muslim officers can wear on duty.”¬†You can read more about it here.

police in hijab


Rick Stevens tries to understand hijab during his travels. You can read his article “The Hijab-The Meaning of a Scarf”.

Two university professors in Montreal wear hijab to protest the attempt by lawmakers to ban hijab on people who work in the public sector.

Islamic Fashion is a big money making business. Check out this report.

And then there is the article that talks about Egypt’s first hijab wearing rappers. She appeared recently on the show “Arabs Got Talent”. You can read the article here or click below to watch the video. What’s great is that she’s actually rapping about hijab and how people judge Muslim women, which we would say is also a first to be seen in any talent competition!

These are just a few of the news articles that caught our eye this week. Feel free to share any that you have seen that we may have missed and we’ll post them in our roundup next week.