Hipster Hijabi Music Video

A new video ┬ácalled Somewhere in America features “hipster hijabis” and the music of Jay Z.

This video has taken the internet by storm and has raised a lot of discussion between people who are for it and against it.

What are your thoughts?

Warning: There is some explicit language in the music.

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  2. qatheworld

    I understand what you all are saying about how some of these girls are not covering all the way, but I think you are misunderstanding the video. Not every appearance of a muslim girl in video, photos, etc is supposed to be an educational example of the best way to wear hijab (which is certainly a disputable point in itself). Not every appearance of a muslim in the world is the best example of how to be a muslim. I would venture to say… none of us are. I think there’s a fair mix of styles in the video, they are not all wearing “skinny jeans”, and the point of the video is not to tell people how to wear hijab or give examples of hijab, though it is showing muslim girls (girls who are identifying themselves as muslim… that is trying to cover vs. blending in with non-muslims) doing various activities. I think it shows this more realistically than if they were all dressed the same in one form of acceptable garment, because the muslims I see from all different backgrounds, families, and ages, certainly don’t dress the same. I have certainly seen muslim women dressed in these extreme styles. I also know that people’s personal styles tend to evolve over time during their lives, as does their adherence to different tenants of Islam, as they grow. But people don’t just dress as a way of instructing others, it’s a balance between who they are and what they believe in. I don’t think they should be told to discard what identifies them as muslim because they’re not doing it “perfectly.” Wearing hijab is not just about demonstrating to other people “how muslim women should dress” and it is not all about other people, it is primarily for the wearer.

  3. NoraNour

    Love the video. These woman are beautiful and each individual style is very unique. I’m proud to watch.

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  5. Aisha

    I personally love the video! Only Allah (SWT), can judge on whether something is right or wrong. For all we know these sisters could have better deen than all of us put together!
    Insh’Allah everyone sees that this is personal preference on how to dress and some people might say what you were isn’t modest enough.

  6. Nasim k Ahmadi

    why is that so odd for you?! I am a girl like girls in this video, and also I am a muslem. I like the hijab, but I cant make it perfect, I cant have hijab without any wrong thing in my appearance. because I am a girl full of feelings and interest, like every other human being… so I really try to be perfect, but I cant, I hope God forgive me, but I really want to wear colorful and varoius clothes, then riding a bicycle, runing in a park, driving a motorcyle, laughing with my freinds, listening to musics, and try on every strange things, whereas I try to have hijab and try to be a good girl for my Allah. becasue I really beilve in Islam. but I dont promis to be perfect ! this is the fact of muslem girls around me. I want you to accept the reality.

  7. alina

    i like them

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