Getting ready to enjoy the New Year 2014

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Whenever I come to the time of year when I’m writing about how I’m looking forward to a whole new year ahead, I can’t believe how much time has passed.

Usually, I’m trying to find some way to hold on to things and push my goals off for another few months. But this past year I have to say I’ve accomplished a lot more of what I set out to do. And ironically enough, it had nothing to do with a New Year’s resolution.

It was actually a “Ramadan Resolution”. A friend of mine had a few ladies over and we all made vision boards and put what we hoped to accomplish within the next year by the time Ramadan 2014 comes around.

That exercise really helped because instead of writing down goals, or thinking about them in my head, I now have a visual representation of what I’m hoping to complete.

As I approach 2014 I think of how far I’ve come with

What started nearly 6.5 years ago, is finally gaining momentum and spreading throughout the world. Running this site has taught me that patience and perseverance really do matter. Whenever I felt like giving up, because I wasn’t sure if anyone was really reading this site, I held on a little longer. And each time I did, small things came my way as signs to ensure me that I should continue on.

Often times it’s hard to see growth and success with very little response from the other side of this screen, but Alhumdulilah this year has been simply amazing. I can now say that things are coming together the way I had initially hoped when I launched this back in 2007 and I’m very excited for what’s in store over this next year.

Some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish outside of Hijabtrendz is in my personal professional life. I’m a news anchor for a prominent Chicago radio station, I am the first Muslim woman in hijab to graduate from the conservatory program at The Second City Training Center, and was recently accepted into their music program. I’ve also been doing a lot of voice over work and had several on camera auditions (although I didn’t get them, the fact that I got called in is a great thing! 🙂 )

I was so impatient when I first began my entertainment career and wanted everything to happen so quickly, but now I see the wisdom in patience. I’ve grown tremendously and was able to build up my skills. In addition it made me more confident and able to really deal with situations whether in the workplace or in the entertainment world.

That’s enough about me though. What about you? How has your year been? And if you’re an avid reader of this site…

What are some of your favorite posts from Hijabtrendz for this past year? Are there any topics of areas of interest you’d like us to delve more into?

Oh and one more thing I need to get off my chest, I realize that I’ve started 2 short stories on here that I’ve never completed, and I feel really embarrassed about that. I just sort of lost my momentum along the way, so please forgive me!

Have a wonderful New Year and I hope you’re enjoying your day off, I know I sure am! 🙂 See you next year! 😉