Hijabtrendz Exclusive: Citra Style

Hijabtrendz Exclusive

We recently featured a sneak peek into the latest fashion brand Citra Style and now we have an exclusive interview with Habibah Chbib who co-founded the label with her husband Muhammad.

Tell us about your clothing brand and why you decided to start it?

It all started when my husband, an entrepreneurial e-commerce expert in the Middle East, was looking into different options to venture into that would also be sustainable online opportunities.

We started discussing ideas and I thought – modest Muslim fashion would be ideal.

After doing some extensive market research, it turned out that the idea had extreme potential. And that’s how we founded Citra Style.

Where did the name come from, does it mean anything?

Citra in Arabic stands for protection, cover, shelter and above all modesty; all synonymous to what we truly represent in context to fashion and faith. And Style refers to all things fashionable, the trendy side of our brand hat presents one with en vogue ensembles that can be truly appreciated by the modern Muslim woman.

The combination of these two key components are what brings our brand together. It is not a coincidence that Citra comes before Style!
How long did it take you to get started from the concept to the launch?

It took us little less than 2 months.

We were constantly running around the textile and fabric gullies of Dubai and spending days and hours sourcing materials for our designs.

While we were doing that, our designers and production team were preparing layouts, researching runway style creations, and re-inventing those style with modesty in mind.

We officially launched in December 2013, almost welcoming the New Year with a promising beginning of Citra Style. And now, here we are.

What is different about this brand in terms of modest fashion?

Citra Style features a collection of modest wear that enables women to complete their entire wardrobe, as opposed to finding a particular item they like.

Offering endless options of creating looks with our versatile items, Citra Style is a one-stop destination.

Beautiful modest wear may exist, but finding a full-fledged collection that makes shopping simple and quick, is rare.

No more layers over layers, no more shopping stress, Citra Style literally is retail therapy for Muslim women.

Are you only targeting Muslim women?

Yes, our target is essentially Muslim women across the globe, with a modern sense of fashion.

Our collection is for those who have a need to merge modest and faith-driven wear in their wardrobe, without compromising on style and comfort.

Having said that, the collection could absolutely be worn by anybody who is looking for modest and classy fashion.

What are your favorite pieces so far in the line?

This is a little hard to answer, but if I had to choose, I would say the ponchos are my favorite.

They are so comfortable and chic! Besides doing a great job of covering up and snuggling into, they are elegant enough as an everyday piece.

And my second favorite would be, the Off-White Bohemian Dress. I couldn’t stop admiring the flow and gracefulness of this dress when I first wore it.

Over and beyond, I am obviously in love with our extensive collection of Hijabs. One can simply never have enough of these modest style staples, so I am mixing and matching the prints and unicolors we have, with every item of our collection, to create a new look, every single day.

Where do you make your clothes?

All the styles at Citra Style are designed from scratch, in-house, at our Dubai studios.

From the design to the fabric to the construction, everything is locally sourced.

How often will you be releasing new items?

We are already in the process of designing our Spring/Summer collection of modest Muslim fashion.

We are looking at introducing new styles and collections for every season, according to the needs of our customers and in line with current fashion trends.

Citra Style ships internationally from Dubai. If you’d like to order check out their website.




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