Julia Roberts copies hijab fashion at the Golden Globes

Apparently Julia Roberts was slammed for her choice of outfit at the Golden Globes last week.

What’s ironic is that it looks so similar to the way a lot of hijabis tend to wear evening gowns these days. Could her stylist perhaps have been a Muslim woman?

We’re not generally fans of wearing a long sleeve shirt under a strapless gown, but this doesn’t look too bad.

But then again, to each their own, right?

Julia Roberts Hijab Fashion

Julia Roberts Hijab Fashion


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  1. Ummu Yaman

    I like it! I wear polo necks underneath my gowns and short sleeved dresses!!

  2. Nina

    it was a total miss 🙁 I love Julia, but this did not work, when looking for modest evening gowns there are so many floaty and truly modest ones, these are too tight and even if we were to overlook the modesty factor for a special occasion it just does not look nice

  3. fady

    No way , this isnot Islamic wear.

  4. Jodi

    I think she looks marvelous! But then again I believe all women should dress as modestly as possible so perhaps that is why I say she looks marvelous lol! I like Julia Roberts and I think she pulled this off wonderfully. She had the guts to wear this despite the ‘Hollywood’ – more flesh is beautiful concept! You have to give her credit for that at least!

  5. Isabel Millan Rumayor

    I love it! She is sooo classy. She looks gorgeous.

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