Keeping warm and staying fit

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This morning I had to cover a story for work about people who bike into the city even during the winter.

What amazed me was that people really do bike in the snow!

I thought I was pretty bundled up and could handle being out in the cold for over an hour, but my fingers and toes quickly started to freeze and tingle.

Sometimes, I think I forget that wearing a hijab doesn’t automatically mean I’m going to be any warmer.

I was wearing layers, but with the negative wind chill and the blowing snow, it didn’t seem to matter.

What I learned today is:

  • More layers are needed when I’m out in cold weather for an extended amount of time.
  • I’m definitely interested in trying to bike during the winter once I am able to build up my endurance.

Speaking of endurance, I’ve been working a lot harder at my fitness than ever.

I try to make it a priority to go to the gym at least once a day.

Let me tell you that it is life changing. I’ve always known that exercise has so many benefits, and at I used to be extremely fit.

But with so many things taking over my life including small children, I started to slack off. And it got to a point where I would much rather watch TV and eat junk food than go for a run.

Now, I’ve pretty much cut out my lazy evenings and occasionally catch up on my favorite reality shows.

Instead I’ve turned the gym into my relaxation station.

working out 2014

My goal is to be able to run a real race, maybe I’ll start off with a 5k… nothing fancy. And eventually I’d love to start participating in fitness challenges.

There is nothing like the feeling you get after working up a sweat and feeling your muscles burn.

It’s a little pain in the beginning, but the reward of a healthy mind and body, is worth it!

Have you ever been in a fitness rut? How do you get out of it, or are you still in one?

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  1. Jodi

    I’m still in one at the moment Mariam, but I’ve been ‘inching my way out’ (smile) and trying to focus on healthy eating/snacks and cutting out a lot of refined sugar, etc. I’ve lost over 20 pounds already and I want to incorporate three 30 min. cardio exercise routines into my week to boost up the weight loss. Also drinking more water to stay hydrated works wonders on weight loss and skin/hair/nails increased moisture. I also find that going on a detox plan whether through teas or other cleansing plans helps a lot. I think your 5K plan is excellent and before you know it you will be at 10K or half marathons! The Disney Tinkerbell and Princess ones are really nice and challenging I hear.

    As far as keeping warm in hijab, perhaps a warmer scarf over your hijab will work! You layer your clothes, so why not your head gear! 🙂

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