Lady Gaga, RiRi and Britney Spears wear hijab

We’ve noticed for the last several years, that there are people who have a hobby of turning celebrities into hijabis with the help of Photoshop.

This picture has been circulating the web recently, and we have no idea who made it or where it originated from, but it’s just like those photos that surfaced a few years ago featuring Angelina Jolie in a headscarf.

Riri Britney Spears Lady Gaga in hijab

 What are your thoughts about this picture? Should we even care what they would look like in hijab?

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  1. Lucy bright

    I pray for the day when this is reality. Then
    women will all be truly beautiful.

  2. Yashy Mantawil

    we are all sons and daughters of Nabi Adam (as), we just differ in level of Taqwa. remember, we will be judged by our intention not by our outer looks. # so respect for these women. this is one way out to stopped discrimination among our sisters in Islam who wish to cover there heads and bodies with the purpose of pleasing the Almighty Allah. Perhaps, this is one way of Almighty Allah to diminish or aleviate the system of the societies againt the Hijabi sisters since Almighty Allah is the Best of Planners : ) Allahu A’alam (only Allah knows everything.) Alhamdulillah, I am a muslim. ü

  3. Bulbul Islam Mridha

    Looking so nice.

  4. Shelley

    I am not hijabi but my mother and stepmother are. I like to think that non-hijabi wearing hijabi will help increase tolerance. Stopping discrimination.

  5. UmmHussain

    First, I don’t care about celebs as newsworthy items unless they are donating to charities instead of buying a Birkin bag. Far too many great talents are just plain horrible examples of human beings. We all have read enough scandal reports and badawful court transcripts about musicians, film artists and atheletes.

    More importantly, I know a few college students, stay at home moms, a couple of bus drivers, security guards and office managers who wear hijab who are far more striking than the photos of the lady singers and they aren’t even trying, don’t have a “beauty crew” or household help.

  6. layla

    they are not modest to wear hijab.. its not just about covering its about inner modesty which NONE of them possess. :/

  7. Jodi

    I think because we are hijabi’s, that sometimes anything like this can be presented or taken as a mockery for us and cause feelings of resentment. We know hijab means so much more and anything that does not embrace our religion fully and truthfully can be hard to deal with. Overall I think it is beautiful and wishful thinking by someone who wanted to see them as such rather than what they really promote in the world. I think it was done out of innocence or ignorance regardless of who did it. I don’t think it was meant as mockery or poor judgement. Hijab seems to becoming a fashion statement as well. So despite it not being legit, perhaps it can be used for good overall and promote tolerance and curiosity which can in turn be good for the Ummah and women in general.

  8. ssimone davies

    Im sorry but clearly a photo shop job ! Britneys face is just popped into the pik , riri always wears the underscarf as a hat and gaga dons a burqa !
    At least islamic attire is getting out tgere , just dnt want it to turn into a f
    ashion show

  9. Amina

    Don’t want to come across as a hater, but I can’t stand pics of non-hijabis photoshopped with hijab… I am a hijabi by choice and just as I would hate to be forced to take it off or forced to put it on, I hate to force someone else, even as a joke. Allah gave us all free will, what we do with it is up to us…

  10. amira

    If they were wearing them for the right reasons then yes i would be interested but this is all just for reaction. Inshallah they would see the right path but having people that dress half bodied one day then have hijab another i dont see this as being good the next day they probably be hslf bodied again and wat kind if message is this giving to young ladies of islam and ladies with modesty.

  11. Iman

    I dont know why but as a hijabi i feel insalted … maybe because i some of such picture i feel like the need of a proval .. and from whok !!!

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