Hijabtrendz giveaway: Silk hijab from My Modefa

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We have a wonderful giveaway from My Modefa!

It’s a silk hijab from luxury designer Armine.

And guess what? This contest is open worldwide!

Turkish hijab style giveaway Armine Spring Summer 2013 Silk Hijab 1330

This pure silk scarf is valued at over $60.00 and it can be yours!

All you have to do is tell us what brands of Turkish hijab does My Modefa sell on their site?

Leave the answer below and one randomly drawn winner will be getting this beautiful piece  inshallah!

You can learn more about My Modefa by heading to their website or following them on Facebook.

Contest ends on Friday February 14th 2014!

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  1. fedai

    Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel, and Neva

  2. patricia lazo

    I like to win that hijab because i dont have one i.use any other to go to the mesjit

  3. Mohammad

    Armine ,Aker, Pierre Cardin,

  4. anida yuniati

    Ipekce, Aker, Armine, Pierre Cardin

  5. pinky rose oligo

    Salam alaykum. Modefa sells hijabs by aker, pierre, cardin, armine and a lot more of first class hijabs.

  6. Oumeyma

    Al Salamu Alaikom,
    They sell Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel, and Neva.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Indira Kaljo

    Es selaam alaykum. Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel. This site is amazing!! Thank you for sharing and the great give-away.

  8. Shirin Farhad

    They have Cacheral, Neva style, Armine, Pierre Cardin & Aker… ….. Gorgeous hijabs…

  9. Natalia Aguirre

    Armine, Pierre Cardin, Aker, cacharel

  10. Shagufta Yasmin

    Models sell Armine Aker and Pierre cardin

  11. sidhara

    Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel..

  12. Dewi Triviyane

    Armine, Aker, Piere Cardin

  13. mrs saif

    Armine.aker and pierre cardin

  14. UMMEY

    MODEFA sells Pierra Cardin , asker and Armine hiijabs

  15. afroze

    They sell Armine ,Aker, Pierre Cardin, cacharel ,Neva etc

  16. Samar

    Armine, Akers, Puane , Pierre Cardin, Neva, Cacherel

  17. Attya

    Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel.

  18. fatima

    Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin

  19. hadika

    armine,aker, pierre Cardin, cacharel, Neva, eripek, firdevs, ipekci, orkide, damla, vanensis

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