Hijabtrendz Giveaway: Citra Style Long Gown in Grey

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We are so excited to offer this giveaway from Citra Style.

It is a long grey gown that is valued at nearly $200!

Here is the description on their website:

Elegance and class, infused in an intricate cut that is feminine, yet never flashy. The Long Gown features handmade embroidery on its collar, offering you the option of tucking your Hijab into it for full-fledged presentation. Combined with a long necklace and a silky Hijab, the Long Gown is a stunner for all modest stylistas.

grey gown from citra styleGrey gown from Citra Style

We know you’re wondering… how can I enter and win?

Well all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us what does “Citra” mean? 

Hint: Head over to the Citra Style website for the answer!

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Deadline to enter is Wednesday February 19th 2014!

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  1. Dima Sallat

    Citra in Arabic stands for protection, cover, shelter and above all modesty, which is all synonymous to what you truly represent in context to fashion and faith. I hope to win!!

  2. neelofar

    salam ,citra means protection,cover,shelter ,barrier.it is perfect getup for muslim ladies so that they can cover their full body in modesity.i really wish to win this may b my post reachs u last but not least.hope to win this thanks……….

  3. Oumeyma

    Well I didn’t need to go to the website to know the answer since I speak arabic, it means to cover up and dress modestly.
    Now I will check the website, I’m sure they have other nice things on there.

  4. Bekah Zahara Dahabiya

    Assalaamu wa layikom wa rahmetu Allah wa barakatuh!

    Citra in Arabic stands for protection, cover, shelter and above all modesty!

    Jazakah Allahu Khiren for the Giveaway!

  5. Rumysha

    Citra means protection and modesty. This one is a perfect gown…love to win it…

  6. afroze

    Citra means pure,modest,covered.

  7. Zainab

    Citra in Arabic stands for protection, cover, shelter and above all modesty.

  8. Lisa

    “Citra” stands for protection, cover, shelter, and modesty, in Arabic. This is a lovely gown and they have some beautiful clothing. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  9. Sara

    Alsalamu alaikum the arabic word citra means protection , modesty i
    This is how you write it in arabic ???? i really hope i win this time i havent won any giveaways ??

  10. Sumaira Ishaq

    Citra in Arabic stands for protection, cover, shelter and above all modesty.

  11. Fatima Diallo

    To the best of my knowledge Citra means covering in modesty for women in Islam. this is the perfect clothing to protect our bodies.
    Hope to win it.

  12. Heba

    Citra is the Arabic word meaning protection, cover, shelter and modesty. I love their selection of hijabs and tops, good luck to all 🙂

  13. Jodi

    The word “Citra” (in Arabic) stands for protection, cover, shelter and modesty.

    Thank you for this giveaway and for introducing us to this wonderful website! They have gorgeous items!

  14. farha tarannum

    citra means modest or covered..like a muslim should wear.

  15. insha Ahmad

    Citra means modest covering for protection and shelter:))

  16. Irum Siddiqui

    It means cover,modesty,shelter.Its an Arabic word.

  17. soraya van der schyff

    Citra in Arabic stands for protection, cover, shelter and above all modesty;

  18. Shahista

    Protection, shelter, modesty , and cover is the meaning of citra

  19. Sawsan

    Protection,cover,shelter and above all modesty is what citra means

  20. fathima

    it means modest, cover,and protective.

  21. Abass Nimot

    citra means islam modesty ad protective cloth that a muslim sisters should be wearing..

  22. Hafsoah Ahmad

    it means modesty, protective cover…

  23. Halima

    It’s an Arabic word which means protection, cover, shelter and modestly! 🙂

  24. Lauren

    Citra means covered or modest, like the clothes a Muslim woman should wear!

  25. sadia fareed

    Cover, protection , shelter and most importantly modesty is what citra means.

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