Hijabtrendz Guest Post: 3 trusty tips for hijabis

Hijabtrendz Guest Post

3 Trusty Fashion Tips for Hijabis

1. Be careful with trends.

My golden rule for trends is: “You should only participate in trends if they flatter your body type and fit your personal style.”

All trends were not created equal. Some will work for you, some will work for others and some just don’t work for anyone. Sure, a hot turban style scarf or poppin’ pink lip might be all the rage, but if it’s not you, don’t do it. Stay true to yourself when choosing trends to follow.

Similarly, if you have tummy issues, a drop-waist top is a bad idea, no matter how -of-the-moment it is. Your clothing choices need to flatter your body, always.

Also, as a hijabi, it is very important to make sure that your modesty is not compromised for the sake of following a trend. Printed leggings are hot now and can be cute when worn in a certain way…but should a hijabi wear it in public? No way. (If you are at home or at a private event, that’s a different story.)

Printed loose pants? Yes. Hijab Louvre has a cute pair.

2. Choose scarf/hijab styles that flatter your face.

With modest clothing covering the body, the face is now a major focus area. It is important to make sure that your scarf style flatters your face. Choose styles that flatter your face shape, define your features and pick colors that compliment your skin tone.

Example A: The Amira style hijab looks great on an oval face.

Example B: Coral is a universally flattering color. A scarf in this color will look great on anyone .

3. Don’t over-style your hijab/scarf.

It can be tempting to pile on tons of scarves, headbands, underpieces, pins etc. but please, resist the urge. Before you step away from that mirror, ask yourself:

“Is my scarf/hijab style easy on the eyes?”
“Are any of the elements in it/around it (including earrings, necklace or hats) competing?”

If so, remove a layer and/or accessory or two. Less is More.

Hanifa Ashry is a fashion consultant and runs her own company Emerald Brocade Consulting.

If you need help with your wardrobe, you can reach out to her via website, facebook, or twitter.



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