Modest fashion at the Oscars 2014 plus a hijabi on stage!

This year’s Oscars featured some surprisingly modest and elegant dresses, which goes to show, that sometimes covering more is a good thing.

We loved the long dresses and while some were sleeveless, you could easily add a jacket on top to “hijabify” it.

But before we get to the dresses. How cool was it to see a Muslim woman take the stage?

Zaineb Abdul-Nabi was one of 6 film students chosen to attend the Oscars out of 1,000 applicants!

Here is a little video she produced:

We are so proud to see a Muslim woman going for her dreams and we wish her the best.



Now onto the dresses… here are some of the more “modest” ones that we absolutely loved.

Our favorite is the picture below with Camilla Alves in pink.






Which one do you like?  Do you have any other favorites not shown here?

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  1. Jodi

    I like all of the gowns you have featured here! So refreshing to see! I enjoyed seeing the more modest gowns and I was delighted to see Zaineb Abdul-Nabi on stage! Mariam, please try to get a blog interview with her, it would be great to know more about her and how she felt on stage, her film aspirations, etc. Thank you!

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