Modest swimwear 2014 featuring Splashgear


Here is another post in our series on modest swim options for the upcoming summer weather.

Splashgear is one of the first professionally made modest swimsuit companies we came upon when we launched this blog nearly 7 years ago! They incorporated SPF into their fabrics way before any other modest brands, and the commitment to quality and sun protection is commendable.

What we love is that the suits are quick to dry when you get out of the water and light enough to swim comfortably.

Splashgear modest swim suit

There are a few different styles of tops and pants as well as swim hoods for those who want to cover their hair.

Below is a picture of the pants that have a skirt attached:

splashgear modest swimwear 2014

We’ll be posting more in our series on modest swimwear so you can pick the right suit for you!