A visit to Ann Arbor Michigan and a turquoise hijab

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A little over a week and a half ago I was invited to participate in a panel on diversity in Journalism and share my experiences as a seasoned veteran in the field.

My husband captured these candid shots of me and I thought I’d share them because I think they capture a side of me that people don’t know, especially if you don’t know me in person :).

I’m obsessed with jersey hijabs, and the turquoise one I’m wearing I bought in a bulk shipment from overseas. I’ve thought about selling them, but not sure if people love them as much as me.

The first two pictures show me prepping before heading out, I always have to make sure my hijab is straight lol.

It may look like I’m taking a selfie in that second one, but I’ve been trying to hold my phone up when I use it because I think I’m getting some neck issues from looking down at it. I probably just need to stop using it lol.





I really enjoyed my visit there and it was great to meet so many new people. Afterward I got to meet and talk to some local Hijabtrendz fans in Ann Arbor which was really cool, because it made it seem more real that there are actual readers of this blog :).

Ann Arbor

It was a short and quick trip, and I hope to return again someday to really explore the area. Also, the ISNA convention is going to be in nearby Detroit around Labor Day Weekend. Are any of you planning to attend? I’m still debating about whether to setup a booth there or not. Hmmmm 🙂