Stocking up on shoes because I don’t have any

I’m one of those people that loves to wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

The problem is that I rarely find a pair that I like, and then when I do, I wear them until they should literally be thrown out.

I recently visited the outlet mall and they just happened to be having great sales (I bet they have them every day).

And luckily I found a few pairs that I really loved.

I ended up with two flats and some wedge sandals.

This is a big deal for me, because I rarely find anything I like that is practical.

They were $158 and I got them for $59… that’s a deal! The colors I got were silver and rose gold.


Cole Haan Flats Cole Haan Flats

I also purchased this wedge sandal from Kenneth Cole and it was also on sale, I believe 50% off or so.


Kenneth cole Wedge sandals

Now I just need to get some new tennis shoes. The ones I use have holes in them and I’ve been too lazy to replace them.

As we head in to better weather here in Chicago, I look forward to being able to wear these shoes.

Every time it rains or feels cold, I have to drag out my boots, and let me tell you that wearing those every day for almost the last 6 months is quite tiring!

Have you been shoe shopping for the warmer weather? 

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  1. Lisa

    What a great find! For me, it’s difficult to find shoes because most stores I’ve been to don’t have my size – Wide! So when I do find a nice pair that fits, I’m so excited. I recently got a new pair of black sandals that are flat and are so pretty and comfortable. I can wear them with nice dresses and jeans. Oh how I love a good-fitting pair of shoes haha!

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