Going for a quick dip in the pool

This past weekend we headed out to visit and stay with my parents.

It seems like we go there a lot lately. But it was the first weekend of Ramadan and we thought we should definitely be there to break our fast with family.

Because of the hot weather, it seemed like a great idea to beat the heat and forget about feeling hungry by going to the local water park! Let me note that the picture of the Crystal Lake Aquatic Center is from two weeks ago, when I didn’t have a swimsuit and just sat around wishing I was in the water.

After being there for no more than 30 minutes, a thunderstorm made an appearance so everyone had to leave the pool area.

We got free passes to come back again… so you can probably guess what I did. I went online and bought myself a suit as fast as I could, so that I could partake in the festivities myself!

crystal lake aquatic center

I purchased a swim set from Coolibar.com.

I paired the ruched top with a pair of their swim pants in black.

coolibar ruche swim top review coolibar swim tight review

The shirt was nice and long which I appreciated. The swim pants were also very light and easy to move in, but I was expecting a thicker fabric.

I also purchased a swim bra and swim bottoms to wear underneath, because there is nothing more gross than parading around the pool in your underwear!

Talk about a soggy bottom lol.

base layers base layers

coolibar swimsuit review  coolibar swimsuit review

The material for the top and pants dried in just a few minutes after getting out of the water. But I’m not sure I’d wear something like this if I were swimming laps.

Since I was just lounging around and standing in the water making sure my kids were safe, I didn’t get to test it out that much.

I still also have to figure out a decent swim hijab style that doesn’t look like an alien.

For this trip I just did a spanish wrap hijab style, but I was trying my best not to get my head wet because I had no idea how it would react to the water.

What are your favorite hijabi swimsuit brands?

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  1. Maria

    The top is beautiful! I love how it’s long and light for being pretty hijab-friendly swimwear. 🙂

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