Relaxed Ramadan Hijab Style

I’m all about relaxing and not getting too uptight when it comes to getting dressed and going out.

With kids, it’s even more difficult to get all the glitz and glam together.

Although, as my girls get older, I’m trying to dedicate more time to becoming more presentable when I exit the apartment. It’s so hard to let go of the sweatpants, because it’s nice to give the illusion that I’m working out, when in reality I’m enjoying the elastic waist! haha.

Here is a quick outfit I put together the other night as I went out for iftar with my family:

Ramadan Hijab Style 2014


Ramadan Hijab style 2014

Outfit deets:

Top: Zeena

Scarf: Aab UK

Linen Pants: JC Penney (randomly found them on sale and in a nice short size just for my height lol)

Shoes: Cole Haan.

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  1. Jodi

    Really nice Mariam! The whole outfit is put together very well. Do you have a video to learn this style of hijab? It looks really comfortable. 🙂

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