Spending money is easy

That’s something most people agree on.

Well, I guess unless you’re really stingy and never want to let your money go.

But, what I’ve noticed is that, sometimes I’m a little too carefree with our finances.

It’s easy to get comfortable and go out to eat several times a week, or order delivery because my husband or myself didn’t have time to make dinner.

But, it all adds up over time.

There is nothing wrong with having fun and going out, and I’m all for that. Lately though, I’ve thought I better buckle down and make sure I’m not only saving, but putting money away for my girls to go to college someday.

Here is how I’ve decided to get a start on being more diligent.

First and foremost, I’m giving myself a goal of about 3 weeks beginning┬átoday, to only eat food that I’ve brought from home.

No running to the vending machine, no quick snack from the food court down below my workplace.

For example today… I brought my own instant decaf coffee, added some water and ice to it.

And presto!

I saved myself $5 off of an iced coffee from the local Starbucks.


This discipline is also something I want to use to incorporate myself back into a healthier lifestyle.

Too often I get stuck in the eating and sitting all day routine and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Now, the benefit of trying to save money by not eating out as much, is going to be that I don’t pile on all those extra calories!

Are you up for the challenge? Just dedicate a 3 week time period and give it a whirl!

I’ll give you an update halfway through and let you know how I’m doing and if I survived!