Want to be a hijab fashion model?

UPDATE 11/29/16:

This post is from 2014 and the modeling competition is over. I have been getting hundreds of comments a day on this post.

I’ve had to close comments because people are putting their private contact information on here and it’s being posted publicly.

Please subscribe to the Hijabtrendz Newsletter so you can keep up with any future modeling competitions or opportunities. I routinely post information and that’s the best way to keep an eye out.

If you’d like to be featured on Hijabtrendz and share your hijab style with millions of others around the world, please send an email to: info at hijabtrendz dot com with the subject: Hijabtrendz model submission.

Include these details:

Name, age, where you’re based, your profession or path of study. Why you wear hijab, what struggles you’ve had (if any) and your favorite go to hijab style.

Include clear photos full length and close up so we can see you and our style.

If you’re under 18 you must have permission from your parent or guardian.

I get hundreds of requests so I can’t guarantee it will get posted. But I look forward to your submission!


Citra style is holding its second casting call for modest models.

It’s an online contest where you submit a pic of yourself modeling, and the public votes on their favorites.

Earlier this year Yaz the Spaz and Nora Tehaili graced the website, modeling a variety of outfits and hijab.



If you make it as the new face of Citra Style… here is what you can expect:

A round-trip ticket to Dubai.

A 7 day stay at a 4 star hotel.

An exclusive behind the scenes tour of Citra Style headquarters.

Do you have what it takes? Are you between the ages of 18-35? 

Click here for all the rules and full details.

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  1. Tjut Mayzura

    Hi !! My name is tjut,im 18 years old and from malaysia but im acehnish
    I really want to be a hijab model but my height only 157cm and my weight is 49kg.. i’ve some pics but they aren’t professional and i don’t have any experience… 🙂 😀

  2. Sekinat

    I believe I do have what it takes because been a person that was born into Islam, hijab modelling has become my dream and passion like I am so serious about it. I am 19 but look younger than it, I like modesty fashion look, and my body type can tells it all. I will be the happiest person on heart if my dream comes true. I don’t know if im still on time to comment, join, or get started. Thank you. I will really appreciate a feedback through my email abiodun_liasu@yahoo.com and phone. my number is (469) 435 9163

  3. lubna said

    …thanks alot sorry for any disturbance….

  4. lubna said

    I’m really intrested to be an islamic hejab model what i shall do to join you…. i’m 26 yrs old… from jordan. .57kg 167….have aphotogenic face..

  5. Sara

    Hi !
    My name is Sara I’m 23 years old. I live in Sweden.
    My height is 176 m and my Wight is 62.
    I’ve always wanted to be a model. I wear turban and love to be a model in you agency

    Sincerely : Sara

  6. chaima hammami

    Hi im chaima im 20 years old. 1m75 , 50kg. Im interested in modeling.

  7. halima Amin

    Salam my name is Halimah nd I live in Nigeria…. I’m 18 years old and i want 2 be a veil model….. Any chances of how to apply plx email me….. Halimatyusuf73@gmail.com

  8. halima Amin

    Salam my name is Halimah nd I live in Nigeria…. I’m 18 years old and let want 2 be a veil model….. Any chances of how to apply plx email me….. Halimatyusuf73@gmail.com

  9. Faiza Arif

    I live in Pakistan and want do apply for Hijab Modeling? can I apply? I am 24.

  10. Faiza Arif

    great.. any chances??

  11. jugno

    Hi.i am jugno
    I am 21year old girl.i wear hijab when i am 8clas its my own thinking to wera hijab.i want be hijab model but i have no info plz if any person want help me plz reply me in that email lizshah48@gmail.com
    thanks i am waiting friends your reply

  12. Zena

    Hey there, My name is Zena. Am Lebanese living in UAE. Im 26 years old and would love to experience hijab modeling.
    Here’s my email
    Thank you;)

  13. Hafsa

    Hello, my name’s Hafsa and I am 13 years old, I would like to be a hijab model. I am from Morocco, I wear hijab and it ‘ll be a pleasure to be a hijab model. I have a good weithg and I am a bit tall I think that I would be a good model, please contact me

  14. Shahd

    Hi my name is shahd from syria I am want to be a hijab model .

  15. Ibtissam

    My name is ibtissam I am 22 years old ,I am really interested in hijab modeling
    Hope you contact me via mail
    Thank you.

  16. fatima

    Hello, I am so passionate about being a hijab model, I kindly hope that I have a start here and thus you reply positively via mail.

  17. Hayaati njuki

    My name is Hayaati. I’m 20 in. 2weeks. InshaAllah I would love to be a hijab model as I love being fabulous and covered!

  18. muannat nur

    Hi, My name is Miti Edora… im really interested to be the hijab modelling since i’m a child, Anyway
    i’m a very new in hijab wearing.. previously i just free hair.. and hijrah is in effort way on me insyaalah..
    if this really my ”rezeki” u there it is…can get to know me on this contact number 60183998815 or email to address loveedora44@gmail.com …your kind is appreciate thanks.

  19. Maryan Mohamed

    How to start hijab modeling?

  20. Slma

    Hii!! I am salma I have 18 years old from Morocco 1m75 and I want to be a Hijab Model i have some pics but they are not professional and i don’t have any experience 😀 and Thnx <3 😀

  21. dhia zainal

    Hi im dhia..if you looking for model hijab..my number is 6017-3682891

  22. sarah

    hi my name sarah 35 years from australia i really interested in hijab modeling hope you can contact me via e mail if you are looking for models thanks .

  23. alima

    looking to get into hijab modelling . please contact me via email if you are still looking for models. x

  24. Siti Nur Jannah

    Assalamualaikum ^_^ im Jannah . Can call me Al . Im 17 years old , from Malaysia . I want to become hijab model . My height is 168 ^_^ . I want ti be a hijab model . If youu need hijab model email me okeyy . Thanks .

  25. Bai nishryn rakman

    assalamu alaikum!!! i am bai nisrhyn rakman, i am 13 years old, i have a height 5’5. i want to be a model.. shukran… Jazakallahu Khair!!!

  26. fatima

    I am fatima, I wear hijab and so interested in hijab photoshooting and modeling as well.
    Hope you reply positively to my request. Thank u

  27. Sarmina Karim Alharbi

    Salam alleykom,Im sarmina 22 years old i’d like to part of hijab
    modelling.Please kindly send me message if u need a hijab model this my
    number +639052980504.thank u.

  28. chifa

    Hi i’am chifa from Tunisia 20 years

  29. azeezat

    DHy,my name z azeezat,am a nigerian,am 18 yrz old nd am interested in hijab modelling

  30. Deka

    Hi!! I’m deka I’m 25 and from ottawa I would be interested in becoming a hijab model as well call me at 613796 1746

  31. Rosita Anggraini

    My name is Rosita Anggraini, 20. I’m mixed Malay & Indonesia staying at Singapore. I have been a hijabis for weeks now still learning different hijabis style & also different clothes & accessories to mix and match. I love to model & would love to hear from you:) Thanks

  32. fasma

    Asalaamu alaikum and Hi im bengali british muslim from uk east mudlands im 26years old i would love to become a hijjabi muslim.i would love to hear back from you.

    i look forward to hearing back from you

  33. Noor

    Hey I’m egyption living in London and would love to become a hijabi mode! So exciting. Would love to hear from you!

  34. nur liyana

    assalmualaikum n hi . im nur liyana . im 20 y/o . im really interest with modelling which is model with hijab and own personality. if i had achance in this career i would take it . im from malaysia n born at beautiful island .LANGKAWI . thankyou . if i had a chance pliss let me know. lots of love

  35. Mahi Ramzan

    Hello, my name is Mahi. I’m 18 years old, from Pakistan currently living in U.S. I’m interested in doing hijab modeling. I wI’ll be waiting for a reply Thank you!

  36. Juwita

    Hello, my name is juwita. I’m 23 years old,from indonesia & now stay in singapore . Im really interested in becoming hijab model,I’ve always wanted to be a hijab model 🙂 i hope to hear your reply, thank you . (Yumwita@hotmail.com)

  37. nasta

    Hey, im nasta, my plans is to become hijab model, im so happy to see this , im interessting in becoming hijab model. I hve som picture of my self modeling on my blog. I’m looking forward if you willing to help me with this career choice. Thank you.

  38. Rayane

    hey my name is rayane i’m 18 years old , i’m lebaneese and i wish to become a hijab model but how … please reply and thank u

  39. Berna

    My name is Berna. I am 17 years old. I live in Holland but i am turkish. I want to became a hijab model.. but how..

  40. sanaa

    hello my name is sanaa from Germany i am interested to be Hijab fashion model

  41. aysha

    my name is aysha….nd im 18 years old.im studying for modelling..i am interested to be a part of this contest..my brothers email id is muhammedrazi758@gmail.com

  42. zeinab

    Am so glad to join u guys lets make a group and start all together u all guys have the curious to be a hijab model and everyone has the chance to get it .

  43. Norashikin

    Norashikin. 25. Singaporean. Malay mixed with arab. No experience. Im a beauty manager. Willing to explore new industry. Have not wear any hijab before. But im so so interested. Do kindly revert . Thank you.

  44. Nur Haryati

    Hi, I’m Haryati, I’m 19 years old this year & I’m from Singapore. I am really interested in becoming a hijab model. I’ve tried modelling before & I would like to continue my career through modelling. Here’s my number (+65 83088400) & my email (Haryati.hamir@gmail.com). Do give me a call & I’m looking forward to working with you. In Shaa Allah.

  45. Nadia

    Hi im nadia ,15years old, from singapore i really hope 2015 you will open youth category so that i can particapate hehe by having youth category we could gather all the muslims girls and make them realise you’ll look beautiful in hijab ,reduce our father’s punishment ((you get what im trying to say )) and ya hope you read this :))))

  46. Meyriska Dwi Y

    Hello, I meyriska. I live in Indonesia. I am a hijaber. I wanted to be a model hijaber. Teach me to be a model of professional hijab. thank you

  47. Istar

    Hello, my name is istar ???? I’m

  48. Istar

    Hello, my name is istar ???? I’m 23 years old and very interested in becoming a hijab model. i have some serious questions, please contact me from my personal email address(carlisalad@gmail.com) my phone number: 6517577748. I look forward to hearing from you Insha’Allah.

  49. Mariam Sobh

    Zainab I agree with you 100%. I’m also glad to see they increased the age. I think last year it was 18-27 or something. We need to see more real women, even though these girls are beautiful no doubt, but let’s also include women who are a variety of shapes/sizes/races etc.

  50. Zainab

    It is good to see there are no height and weight requirements. I hope that there can be some plus size hijabi models because this is something I have never seen.

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