The secret to finding loose tops that actually look good

I’ve written about this trick before, so let this be a friendly reminder… maternity tops are your friend, even if you’re not preggo.

Yep, you read that correctly!

Shop in the maternity section for a great selection of tops that look good and aren’t hugging you in all the wrong places.

Here is what I recently came across at Target:

maternity blouses for non preggers maternity blouses for non preggers

Now, the key is to try the tops on. Don’t assume because it looks nice it will actually fit.

I tried on a few and was mortified by how they made me look extra pudgy.

But, when it came to the blouse it was a nice cut and I knew I would have to get it in different colors.  And as I looked to find pictures online, I saw they come in more colors than they had at my local store… uh oh hold me back I may have to order them!

Pictures of me in the tops to come soon I promise, it looks totally different when there is no baby bump 🙂

Overall Target seems to have the most universally flattering maternity fashion I’ve come across…or maybe I shop there too much! lol.

If you use this trick, where are your favorite spots to snag great items?

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  1. aludrah musa

    Well, first I spend way to much money at Target…yikes! I am addicted..I actually drive around St Louis to and go see whats on sale at every one of them…totally into maternity clothes there. They are so cute and colorful. I always order a size down and seems to work fine. Online right now they are having a big clearance on maternity maxi dresses and even regular dresses maxi…I bought seven 40 dresses for under 10 worth it. I got every color that works on my skin tone..check it out on their website!

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