Natural soap for healthy skin

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Awhile back I posted how I was on the search for products that didn’t contain harsh chemicals.

My youngest seemed to have developed some reactions on her face and I wanted to figure out what was causing it.

I went on a major spending spree buying toothpaste and hair care and lotion to try my best to alleviate her symptoms.

In the process…I ended up finding something for myself that I absolutely love.

Soap from Simply Birgit.



I’ve always used face washes, but now I use this soap and I have to say the smell and clean feeling afterward are pretty amazing.

This is my personal review and may not be someone else’s cup of tea…and the price tag is a little steep at $8.00 a bar.

So, not it’s your turn…

What is your favorite skin care cleanser?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Jodi, thanks for the great tips! 🙂 The soap I bought for her had callendula which I think is also good for inflamed skin. You’re the second person to mentions this Pears soap.. I’m very intrigued now! 🙂
    I’ll keep you guys updated.. I’m starting to think it may be an allergic reaction to something she’s eating. Ah well gotta wait to see the allergist .. long wait list! lol

  2. Jodi

    By the way Mariam, I forgot to mention that soap with Colloidal Oatmeal seems to help a lot for itchiness and dry skin. I know you can find bath soaks with that in it too. Tom’s of Maine makes a natural glycerin soap as well. Perhaps Jason does as well. I also wonder if Neem would help. There has to be ancient remedies that our great mother’s told us about right? Let us know what you find that works! 🙂

  3. Jodi

    I had a lot of skin problems as a child. Cetaphil cleanser is one of the best I’ve found. Also the Neutrogena glycerine soap as well as the Pears glycerine soap. When I was a child, the doctor always recommend Phisoderm…in the green bottle. I remember Ivory soap as a kid but it’s so drying! Dermatologist tend to recommend Dove unscented for sensitive skin because it’s not a soap, but a cleanser. Mary Kay’s Purifying Bar was excellent but they don’t make it anymore and the one they have now in my opinion is not the same or as good. You can find a ton of natural soaps on Etsy, but which one is best for you is a trial and error process I find. Goat milk soap seems to be very good. I really enjoy natural soaps though and I will try the one you’ve recommended! I would not mind paying more for a soap that is good for your skin and last a long time! I hope you find the right one for your daughter Mariam!

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