Dusty rose is on trend for fall 2014

Those of you who’ve been with Hijabtrendz for awhile probably know that I’m all about comfortable clothing.

Behold this extremely soft shirt dress from Gap that I came across a few weeks ago.

It came in two colors, and I picked the dusty rose shade, because it’s perfect for fall.

I find that it’s a somewhat universally flattering fit for anyone. Although I did try my best to not post any photo where my bust looks as though it’s “busting” out, because I didn’t want to traumatize anyone, let alone get nasty comments.

However, I must say that when you have kids, it’s par for the course and there is only so much “hiding” you can do lol.

And if you didn’t notice, well now you probably will because I obviously have drawn your attention to it. oops! haha

Gap sweatshirt dressDusty rose2

I had to do the signature looking down at my feet pose. I notice lots of fashionistas try to pose this way. Maybe it makes them look more intellectual?

I’m just wondering whether I can get this ink stain off my shoe. I usually wear tennis shoes when I go to work, and one day I put my flats in my bag and there happened to be a pen… it left a mark.

dusty rose 4

I happen to like this photo, it’s a little blurry, but gives my skin a nice airbrushed look. It’s all natural, no filters, just a shaky camera perhaps.


Ladies, my advice is never to be too serious.. speaking of which I seriously love this dress turned into a shirt.

The best part of all about this top? Pockets!!! Who needs a purse?


Outfit details:

Top: Lived in sweatshirt dress from Gap

Pants: 1969 jeans from Gap

Shoes: Cole Haan

Hijab: Hijabtrendz jersey scarf

And for a bonus, if you recognized this outfit (I’ve worn it so many days in a row you may wonder if I have any other clothes) you may notice I tucked the shirt up when I tried on these leather pants. I guess the top really is very versatile!