Miraculous Mango Butter

While strolling through Whole Foods the other day, I did my routine of scouring the body care section.

Always on a hunt for new skin care products that are natural, I was pleasantly surprised to come across mango butter.

I’ve tried cocoa butter, coconut butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc. for my skin. So, I thought I’d give this stuff a try.

mango butter expeller pressed

What I can say is that it’s very rich and light at the same time.

I  was using it on my face, and I felt like I did over do it because I felt like some spots on my face got a little greasy lol.

But it’s great for an all over body moisturizer, especially with the dry winter weather.

What’s your favorite moisturizer?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    @Umm Layla it doesn’t have any scent at all which is a little strange. But it’s not too bad hehe.

  2. Umm Layla

    Does it smell good? For some reason the better the product smells, the more I use it:)

  3. Mariam Sobh

    Jodi, I used to use Korres all the time! I forgot about that brand hehe 🙂 I even wrote some reviews waaay back in the day I think. I’ll have to try Keihls I pass by the store and always think I should stop by and check it out. Thanks for the tips, I’ve got to give them a try.. my hair has been really dry this winter..

  4. Jodi

    I like ‘Korres’ (from Greece) body creams. They are all natural and you can use them in your hair as well. I think some dermatologist suggest them!. ‘First Aid Beauty’ is good for dry winter skin and itchy skin as it has oatmeal in it. ‘Kiehls’ body lotion is nice too. When in a pinch I like to make my own with a natural shea butter mixture. I add a little olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, maracuja oil, marula oil, and vitamin E to the mixture. It’s lovely and works well on your hair also. Shea butter, argan and maracuja oil alone all seem to do just as good a job even if you don’t add anything to them! My friend uses grape seed oil and her skin is lovely! Adding argan oil to your present face cream helps boost it up as well and works wonderfully as a throat and decollete cream. I’ll have to try that mango butter!!

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