A romantic role featuring a hijabi character

A friend of ours shared this Youtube clip.. and we were pleasantly surprised to see a movie role that features a character wearing hijab.

It’s not like we’ve never seen hijab in a film before. If any of you remember, there was a really good indy film several years ago called “Arranged”.

We haven’t seen the whole film, so we can’t comment exactly on the content, but the video is posted below for you to share your thoughts on.

note: there are some slightly intimate scenes in this preview.

Our personal thought is that it seems they didn’t consult with anyone about the hijabi wardrobe.

We’re not saying it has to be a perfect head to toe hijab friendly outfit, just that if you think of an immigrant from Iraq coming to the U.S. and she wears hijab, she will not be pairing it with a mini skirt and short sleeves.

But from personal experience, on some film sets, we realize that a lot of stylists have no clue, and one time we were given a short sleeve shirt, to which we had to mention that a hijabi would not dress like that lol.

What are your overall thoughts? Would you see this film once it’s released?

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  1. Sameerah Usman

    Assalaam Alaikum I am not sure what they are potraying in that movie is hijab and yes I agree with you,its almost like a slap to us muslims who wears hijab on our daily basis. I’ll watch the movie just to know as to what’s the reason behind making that movie,Ma’assalama.

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