Black seed for health

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice, please consult a physician before trying anything.

There is a lot of Islamic history surrounding the black seed or “black cumin”, and it has its roots in the prophetic tradition of Muhammad (pbuh).

We happened to come across this interesting article by Green Prophet as we were looking to see if there was anything that would help us explain to you what it is exactly.

Over the last few days, we’ve been taking black seed in supplement form, just as an added regimen. We’re trying to keep healthy and fit, and thought this might help out in some way with energy, immune system etc.

This is the bottle we purchased on the advice of a friend from Amazon:

black seed for health


Of course you should always consult a health care professional before attempting anything.

Have any of you tried this for any ailments? Has it worked? We think it tastes delicious when it’s added as a topping on various stuffed breads.