Throwback Thursday: Weight is such a touchy subject

It’s the New Year and we know that means a lot of people want to get on track with their fitness goals.

Whether it’s eating healthier, or working out more… this is the time of year when people seem to be motivated to change.

Well, we thought we’d dig up this post from the archive: Weight is such a touchy subject.

hijabtrendz before and after

It’s hard to believe that we were able to take down the weight after baby 1. But we did it again with baby 2.

The only problem now?  Stress from a previous job brought back the pounds.

However, if you read the most recent post. A new job has melted that stress away. And it’s time to focus once again on our health.

We’re going to work really hard at saying no to junk food and snacks and basically avoid social eating hehe. That’s our weakness! If we see someone munching… we feel compelled to join in.

Hopefully we’ll unveil some of our tips, once we complete our lifestyle change. Then we can let you know if it worked out or not lol.

So… what are your plans? Are you aiming for health and fitness this year? Do you have any other resolutions?

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