Eggs in a muffin tin for a quick breakfast

There is nothing harder than trying to come up with something quick and healthy to grab on the go, or if you have kids, to get them to eat as they get ready to go to school in the morning.

Well, we vaguely remembered seeing something about cooking eggs in a muffin tin. There probably is a cookbook all about muffin tin recipes from sweet to savory, if not… maybe we should write one haha!

In any case, we basically took a few eggs, mixed in a little shredded cheese, and some chopped up spinach (well we shredded it by hand lol). We mixed it all together and poured into a greased muffin pan (or tin.. however you prefer to call it).

muffin eggs 2

That’s not grease soaking the pan, it’s our non stick spray.. we like to go crazy with it lol.

We baked the eggs in the oven at 350F for about 10 minutes.

The eggs fluffed up, the cheese melted….

egg muffin 4

And we popped them out..

easy egg recipe with muffin tin

…and the kids enjoyed the portability of it all.

What’s cuter than literal egg muffins? The cool thing is you can play around with so many different kinds of add ons.

You could put chopped bell peppers, broccoli, turkey bacon or turkey sausage, etc.

It’s fast, easy, and pretty healthy, as long you don’t eat a dozen 🙂

What’s your go to breakfast on the run?