Shirt dresses are back for 2015

It looks like Spring 2015 is going to see a plethora of shirt dresses.

According to it’s the hot new ticket.

We love shirt dresses because they look great as long tunics.

If you’re wondering where to find them? We brought you a couple of options that are hijab friendly and make the most of modest fashion.


long dress
Shirt Dress on sale $17.00 at H&M

modest shirt dress

Jacquard Denim Dress on sale $31.99 at Gap

long loose top

Tencel Denim Shirt Dress $98.95 at Soft Surroundings

In case you’re wondering how to wear these? Well pair it with a maxi skirt, your favorite slacks, jeans, or just wear it as is in your own space. It’s up to you!

Other fashion trends for 2015 include: the color yellow, gingham patterns, outfits in all white, and comfortable shoes from sandals to flats.