5 tips for Hijab friendly workout wear

We were asked recently about hijab friendly workout wear, so we scoured some stores to bring you what we feel are the best options if you’re looking for some extra coverage.

1. Look at some of the modest swim wear companies. They have great fabrics that can wick away moisture and keep you cool. Plus there are some tunic length tops at places like Athleta and Coolibar.


Modest workout tunic

2. Don’t underestimate maternity fashion. You can find long loose shirts or sweatshirts that are nice and roomy. Target has some inters testing finds from time to time.

3. Another option is skirted pants. Some workout companies have them including Coolibar.

4. Sweatpants are more often skin tight yoga pant type leggings these days. We don’t know why, because they certainly aren’t very flattering, but maybe it makes people feel better when they can hold it all in? We’re fans of the new slouchy pant look. Plenty of space to move without busting the seams. These can be found at Gap and even J.C. Penney (we love their new workout gear from sports bras to pants and shirts). The pants pictured below are by DKNY and are on sale at Bloomingdales.

modest hijab fashion workout gear

5. And as far as hijab goes, there is the Capsters sport hijabs which are easy and convenient. Or you can go the way of the jersey fabric which we love when working out. Wearing it wrap style doesn’t bother us, but if you’re looking for something more secure a one or two piece al amirah can work perfectly.

modest work out gear

What do you work out in? Any tips on where you find your stuff?

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