Bullet Proof Coffee Hijabtrendz style

We’ve seen those posts all over Facebook about “Bullet Proof” coffee and we finally decided to read about it and try to figure it out.

Is it hype? or does it actually taste good?

We made a cup of fresh decaf coffee pour over style, and then blended it with 1 tablespoon of unsalted grass fed butter for about 30 seconds.

coffee2cofee5 coffee1coffeecup

The taste was creamy and delicious, as though we added cream. And it didn’t need any sweetener because of how rich the flavor was.

But, we have to wonder if this really keeps you going all morning instead of breakfast? We’ll have to try that out for a few days to see if that works, but for now we’re not sure we want to be eating a tablespoon of butter every morning.

What’s your go to breakfast fuel?