The Hijab fashionistas of Jakarta

This video came across our twitter and we’ve been meaning to share it for some time.

First we thought we may have been imagining it, because we lost the link. But, we just found it and thought…we’d love to hear what your thoughts are after watching it?

It’s great insight into the hijab fashion scene in Indonesia, where they as well as Malaysia have been pretty much on top of the whole idea for decades.

The only thing that struck us as weird and creepy… is this whole subculture of “Jilboobs” or basically girls who wear hijab and/or jilbab that are form fitting. The girls don’t realize they are made fun of online, and at the same time, there are some really creepy creepsters who have whole twitter accounts dedicated to showing off these images.

Maybe this is TMI, but we’re still totally weirded out by it so we had to share it and see if you’ve heard of this too?