New winter 2015 collection from Zeena

The modern modest fashion brand just released their new winter 2015 collection and just opened their first brick and mortar store at Tyson’s Corner in Mclean, Virginia.

Congratulations to Zeena for becoming the first hijab fashion company in the United States to make it to a hugely popular mall in the area!

Now.. if you’re wondering about their new collection? We wanted to start with our favorite piece that we’ve seen so far…the Marsala Maxi Dress! It’s unique because you think it’s one color, but poof the back has a nice little addition of flair.

winter 2015 collection by Zeena winter 2015 collection by Zeena


Marsala Maxi Dress $120.00

Here are some other new looks that they just released: 

winter 2015 collection by Zeena

Modern Turtleneck Tunic $58.00


winter 2015 collection by Zeena

Queen of Hearts $62.00

What are your favorites?