The sisters I’ve never had

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I was thinking back the other day to something a friend once told me. I can’t even remember which friend this was lol.. but it basically was about how you can tell when someone didn’t grow up with a sister, that person is usually more clingy to their female friends and really puts a lot more into the friendship.

And recently I started analyzing myself. Yes, sometimes when I can’t fall asleep my mind wanders hehe.

So as I’m laying there thinking about this, and trying to remember all my friendships throughout my life, I start to realize, wow that must be what I’m like.

I grew up with four brothers and no sisters. (As a matter of fact my mom has no sisters either. So it’s the blind leading the blind so to speak haha).

I was used to rough and tough play with my brothers, although from time to time I was able to get my little brother to play “aunties” and dress him up like a girl. I wished I had a sister so bad, that even when my mom had my youngest two brothers, I remember praying at the ultrasound that it would be a girl each time… and nope it was two more boys.

I love my brothers and I wouldn’t change them for sisters even if we could go back in time. They’re all so smart and talented and different from each other, that whenever we get together, I can always find something to talk or fight about with them haha.

But, back to the sisters thing. I look at my daughters and see how close they are, and how they can do so many things together, share clothes, have inside jokes, and even the way they love each other, and I do sometimes wish I had that special bond.

So, that’s probably why when I look back… maybe I am the clingy type of friend.

The friends I’ve had growing up, I’ve literally loved them with all my heart like a sister. Sure, we didn’t live in the same house, but we shared jokes and clothes and talked about taboo topic, and even had little fights once in awhile.

To this day I have friends that people will often ask “are you sisters?” because we’re so close. Even if we haven’t seen each other for years, we can pick up right where we left off, which is an amazing feeling.

I guess my pattern is that when I make friends with someone and really hit it off, over time I really do start to see them as family. They are the people I confide in, and because they make me feel comfortable it’s easy for me to open up.

My sister in law (are you reading this? lol) and her sister are also women in my life that I truly love and care about. They make me feel like I can be myself without worrying about what people will think or say. I can act crazy and goofy or serious and sad, and they’ve seen me at my best and worst.

I know sometimes I can come off as a little too much… maybe I’m too talkative or overly excited, but it’s because I found someone I can connect with!

If you have a sister, maybe you won’t understand where I’m coming from.

But there is just something magical about female friendship.