6 tips for breakout free skin

tips for great skin

We’ve probably all heard growing up that skin can break out depending on what you eat.

But then, as time goes by more research comes out and claims…it’s not really what you eat, but hormones or genetics!

Well, we believe that what you eat and put in your body, often manifests itself on the outside.

So what can you do if you’re facing problem skin?

Here are some 5 easy steps:

1. Take a look at what you’re ingesting as well as what you’re putting on your skin. If it seems like it has way too many ingredients to pronounce, chances are it’s more harmful than helpful.

2. Try an elimination diet, for example cut out all things that are potential allergens like wheat and dairy. Slowly incorporate those items back into your diet after a few weeks or so to see if your skin shows changes once you get back to eating those things.

3. A juice fast for a few days can really do wonders for skin. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is a great documentary if you’re not sure what juicing is.

4. Try to incorporate supplements that are good for your skin such as B vitamins and probiotics.

5. Don’t chunk on the makeup if you don’t have to. Bare skin is able to breathe better, and when you pile on foundations and powders it can clog things up.

6.  And most of all drink lots of water!

***Always speak with your healthcare provider before attempting anything such as a juice fast, elimination diet or taking any supplements.***