Having kids makes me appreciate my mom

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This past week I’ve been busy with events, shows,  and work so I feel that I’ve been all over the place. I almost didn’t even know what to write, because I forgot it was Tuesday and time for “Behind the Screen”.

The best part of this week was having my mom and one of my little brothers come down for a visit.

What I realized is that although we had some time to spend together, I always wish we had more time.

My mother always brings so much joy when she’s here and she keeps me up to date on the latest pop culture, historical facts, breaking news, Islamic knowledge etc… yes she’s always on top of things! I often tell her she needs to start her own blog or write some stories, because she can keep people entertained for hours with her treasure trove of knowledge.

Growing up I had my fair share of fights with my mom and arguments over staying out late or hanging out with friends she didn’t think were a good influence.

But, bottom line is, now that I’ve grown up and have a family of my own, I see the wisdom of her ways.

Looking at my own girls, I can only hope that they continue to hold a close relationship with each other and with me. I want them to be able to talk to me about anything and never feel like they have to hide anything.

That’s something I value about my relationship with my mother. Although we had some trying times during my teen years, we always had open communication.

And now, I miss her more than she probably knows.

The second I dropped her off at the train station, I kept thinking about all the time I didn’t get to spend with her during her visit because I was either at work or running around trying to get things ready for events I was attending this past weekend. And it’s funny in a way, because as a teen I couldn’t wait for my parents to be out of the house so I could talk on the phone with my friends for hours.

Now, I can’t wait for her to visit so she and I can talk for hours.

I know I’m blessed to have my parents in good health and living fairly close (about a 3 hour drive away). And I say Alhumdililah for that. I just wish sometimes that they were closer.

This post is getting a little too sappy isn’t it? lol. Well, on another note, I moderated the 11th annual CAIR-Chicago dinner on Saturday night, and it was a wonderful and professional event. I was privileged to meet Dalia Mogahed and Usama Canon, two amazing individuals who are such gems to have in the Muslim community.

I also met friends from the past and new people who apparently follow Hijabtrendz, so that was exciting! 🙂

I wore the amazing Sophia Gown and the “seeing spots” hijab from Haute Hijab to the event, and I’m trying to get some pictures up soon so you can see just how awesome it is.

Well that’s my behind the screen for this week in a nutshell.

How have you been? Leave a comment below and share what you’re up to! 🙂