Who wants motivation to get fit?

We’ve been thinking about this for awhile, that it’s time to do another fitness challenge.

Not sure if any of you participated a few years back when we did one. Or if you’ve seen the cheesy workout tips we made in our first videos back in the day hehe.

But, here is how we’d like to do it.

We want to showcase something that is more about healthy body image and less about the outside appearance of being “thin” or numbers on the scale that showcase “weight”.

Of course making healthier choices when it comes to eating, and moving around more are par for the course, so here is what we’d like to do.

Basically it would be a 2 month challenge. All you’d have to do is make sure to work out and eat smarter┬áduring that time period. There will be prizes for people who stay on track, and best of all, at the end of it, we will have hopefully motivated each other to make a lifestyle change toward a healthier more rewarding life.

Our personal goal is to get on track so that we can enjoy a summer of activities that keep us active and on our feet, and in order to do that, we probably need to get our body used to working harder than it has been lately.

So, who’s up for the challenge? We’ll announce details soon, and hope this will be a fun experience for all!

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  1. Umm Layla

    oops wrong post!

  2. Umm Layla

    You look stunning, mashAllah! I love that dress but keep thinking that I cant pull it off cause I’m bottom heavy. What type of fabric is the hijab? Is it the slippery kind? I always wanted a Haute Hijab but have been curious of the fabric and width…I need chest coverage. Any input would be lovely!

  3. Nijma

    Oh, for sure. I am up for a challenge. I just ate two donuts, lol. I am in need for motivation and this might be it. thanks Miriam

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