Lazy bum

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I don’t know if it’s the weather or what… but the last few days I’ve been feeling like the ultimate lazy bum. I want to sleep or just sit around and watch TV.

I’m trying to push myself out of this possible winter blues and get moving!

I was originally going to post a piece I wrote about everything that frustrates me about the online scene with everyone becoming “experts”, particularly in the Muslim community. It’s almost as if no one really does a check to verify if people really work in certain fields, or are self-proclaimed. Probably because Muslims are too nice and assume that everyone is who they say they are lol.

But, I figured I should work on it a little more so it doesn’t come off sounding like I have a bone to pick.

Really what I want to do is pose questions out loud to the Muslim community on where our standards are and how we’re allowing narcism to permeate our homes and families? How can we combat it? Why do Muslim parents seem to think there is nothing harmless online and allow their kids to troll around on it unsupervised? Why are there mothers encouraging their daughters to pile on makeup and post pics online? Why do we have so many voices that are claiming to be THE voice of reason and we let them stake that claim? Lot’s of questions! So when I get it together I’ll post it for Behind the Screen.

In other not so exciting news, today I’ve planned to make homemade fruit leather and potato chips using my dehydrator. Let’s hope I hold myself to it! lol.

There is something hard about living in Chicago where we don’t get much sun at all in the winter. I’m definitely someone that needs it. When it’s gray for days on end, I’m moody and get stressed easily. I know that the instant cure would be a nice hard workout, but sometimes I don’t have the motivation for even that.

My goal is to move to the West Coast or anywhere that can offer me heat and sun 365 days a year hehe.   It’s easy to dream about that and not actually put my thoughts into action, because I don’t know what’s out there and if it will be a good fit for my family if we do transition someplace new. Sometimes it’s easier to stay with the status quo. But, I know that I have to move outside my comfort zone if I really want to go somewhere new.

I often wonder if I dread moving because we did it so much in my family growing up. We lived in Boulder, Colorado and then moved to 3 different parts of the Norfolk/Hampton Virginia areas, then to Saudi Arabia and then to Urbana, Illinois. When I got married… I moved to Chicago. I guess it’s not as much moving as some people have done.

Anyway, here I am, sitting in the apartment looking outside at the snow that is slowly melting. I’m thankful for a roof over my head and warmth on a cold day like this.