We get a little lost at H&M

Yesterday the kids were in school and we were off from work. That meant we had a little extra time on our hands to peruse some stores.

H&M was on our list because we haven’t been in for quite some time. First we were met with construction, apparently the downtown Chicago location is being renovated, but they did have signs to let everyone know “We’re still open!”.

What greets us every time we visit this store, is an abundance of clothing and styles and bling and shiny sparkles. Where do we start? Which outfits do we come up with? How many items can we try on?

And so it goes that after about an hour in there, we come out with nothing. There are just so many options that it makes our head spin.

The main reason we held back? We have to clean out our closet and giveaway items we no longer need before we can add to a new wardrobe.

In the meantime, here are some of our faves from the store that they happen to have online:

Parka $69.95


Asymmetrical  cotton blouse $49.95

assymetrical blouse

Sandals $34.95

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12

And bonus tip… they’re bringing wide leg pants and oversized long sleeve shirts back into style! Hmmm I wonder where they got the inspiration from 😉

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Umm Layla that’s so true!! And I get so mad at myself when I spend like an hour or two and then end up not getting anything lol.

  2. Umm Layla

    I’m like that,too! Forever 21 is the exact same;they put so much out that I feel overwhelmed!

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