Fitness challenge 2015 first check in

This week has been totally disorganized. The kids were off for Spring Break, and with work, various kids activities and just plain bad weather… it was a tough week to do much. Plus my fitbit bracelet thingy broke in half and I need to get a new one for my tracker, so I didn’t feel motivated to move. Bad I know, I should do it anyway!

Basically this is what I was able to get in:

Some quick 10-20 minute walks on the days I went to work. And then today I made myself go outside, and run around with the kids playing tag, relay race and doing some lunges and squats in the field behind our building. It was energizing and I’m glad I did it. I would say I was running for a good 30 minutes and getting my heart rate up.

I can’t wait for the rain to clear up and the wind to die down so I can get back to biking to and from work.

How was your few days of the fitness challenge? Did you get moving? Make sure to leave a comment below so you can get points for the competition!

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  1. Nazifa

    I look up to all of you ladies with kids! I can’t imagine how different it is to try to get into shape after your body changes during pregnancy, not the mention the lack of time!

    @Nijma: I have a long ways to go to, lol. I also use blogilates and fitness blender workouts. I find the key is to change up my workouts every week. It keeps your body guessing and makes the biggest impact!

    @Mariam: I think it’s our lifestyles for sure and what our habits are. But sometimes, it’s really just the lack of time!

  2. Fatima

    Lol with kids it’s really hard to do anything esp if you have an infant,always helps to find a partner to workout with but just to emphasize again ladies get your protein in ,when you workout and have muscle pain it’s caused by micro tears in the muscle you need high doses of protein so the muscle can repair and build itself ,if you lose the muscle then you really will start gaining weight once you start eatng a lot

  3. Nijma

    Miriam, I think regardless of where you live, busy women lose track. I am so happy you are doing these check in’s. For me, I feel like it keeps me accountable, so thank you for that.

    Nazifa, I am glad you like the video. I am completely hooked. I am about to do another round right now. I have seen a difference in my rear and outer thigh. It is sleeker, lol. I still have a long way to go.
    Good luck everyone with your goals

  4. Mariam Sobh

    Thanks ladies for commenting and contributing! I always thought it would be easy to stay active.. but it’s crazy how I loose track of the fact that I haven’t moved much. I wonder if it’s city living or if that’s regardless of where you live and more to do with the lifestyles we lead these days?

  5. Zainab

    I took a walk in the park yesterday for 45 minutes and the day before that, I did a zumba at-home work out video for about 40 minutes. Today I walked around a lot doing lots of errands and parked far away in the parking lot so that I could walk farther to get to the store.

  6. Nazifa

    Salaam alaykum Nijma! I also incorporate the Ballet Beautiful videos into my workouts! And you are right, it looks super easy but is deceptively difficult! I just did her outer thigh vid a couple days ago. 🙂

  7. Nazifa

    I can relate to you on so many levels (in regards to your previous posts as well as fitness/health)! I’m really coming to appreciate what being healthy truly means and it’s not about a specific weight or size, rather it’s about how we take care of our bodies and how we feel mentally and physically. I don’t have access to a gym or tons of exercise equipment so I have been doing the best I can with a yoga mat and 2 sets of dumbbell (5 lbs and 10 lbs). I do youtube workouts and this week, I’ve been really good about working out everyday for around 1 hr to 1.5hrs each day. I’ve built up to this and started off with 10 to 20 minutes. I feel amazing and I found that by not focusing on my actual weight, I’ve become so much happier and I actually look forward to working out. I’ve also been looking up healthier versions of food I love and experimenting with it. You can eat so much more and enjoy your food when it’s not packed with fat and calories! 🙂

  8. Alia

    I was able to run around with my two little ones. I did go up and down the stairs a few times a day :$

  9. nijma

    I have been trying for a few months now. Finally, I am down 5lbs. And 1 belt buckle notch, lol. Thanks for the motivation. I have been exercising, and counting my calories with an app called Noom. Noom counts your steps and provides motivation. I found a workout I follow on YouTube called Ballet Beautiful. It looks easy and is fairly simple in theory, but I promise you it is quite addicting. She trained Natalie Portman fir the movie Black Swan and she works with some of the Victoria Secret models. If anyone tries or, i would love to know what you ladies think.

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