2015 Fitness challenge check in #3

Apologies for the delay!

I meant to post this on Friday, but you can go ahead and leave your comments below on how your week went.

Personally, it was an ok week. I did a lot of walking with family while we shopped lol. And then I also got off the bus earlier than my stop going to work so I could walk a little extra.

For some reason (maybe because of the rainy weather) I found myself not doing as much as I hoped too. Also, the fact that I can’t seem to find my fitbit to monitor my steps is bugging me!

Other than that, I did eat a lot of various salad concoctions which makes me feel fresh and great… trying to steer clear of my favorite indulgences and instead of eating them every day, maybe a few times a week hehe.

How have you been? Do you feel like you’re getting in more movement? I know it’s hard when you work at a desk or are busy chasing kids around. Hopefully once the warmer weather hits, we’ll all be outside more.

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  1. Zainab

    My week was okay but I have been trying to be more active by trying to find different ways to walk more during the day like parking farther away when I park in a parking lot. I am also trying to switch out sweets and eat yogurt after dinner if I want something sweet. It has been busy starting a new job but I am going to try to get the hang of it.

  2. Mariam Sobh

    Nazifa that sounds like an amazing week! I think I will live vicariously through your posts hehe 🙂 I think I just lack the discipline. I definitely know I can do things if I set my mind to it, but after a long day I just want to crash and be a bum. 😛

  3. Nazifa

    Salaam alaykum ladies! I’ve said it before and I’ll definitely say it again…you guys with kids and/or full time jobs are amazing! Even small changes can add up so don’t feel discouraged, just keep it up! Some days or weeks will be harder than others but don’t give up.

    As for me, I’ve had a great week, alhumdulillah! My break day was Tuesday and aside from that I worked out every day. These are the workouts I did since last Friday: Fitness blender’s 1000 calorie workout, Tae-bo (This is tae-bo and tae-bo insane abs), Tone it up booty workout, Fitness blender cardio+abs and dancing. I didn’t do ballet beautiful this week but will probably do the inner and outer thigh workout this week. My diet has been about the same. I just try to eat as many clean and healthy foods as I can so that means lots of veggies (raw and cooked), fruits, nuts for snacks, greek yogurt, and veggie soups. But I also eat pizza and pasta. I’m mostly just watching my portions.

  4. Mariam Sobh

    Alia, I certainly remember those days! I think running around after little ones is enough of a workout lol. I also developed the tendency to be an emotional eater. I love to eat when I’m bored … so I try to eat a piece of gum if I realize in enough time that I’m not actually hungry.
    Nijma, way to go! I have to try beautiful ballet out. I feel like whenever I have time to do some working out, I end up either watching TV, sleeping or trying to read a book/go online. I need to start using my time more wisely.

  5. nijma

    My week was ok. I slacked this week with my diet and workouts, but I think I am back to my routine or at least I hope I am. I am still doing the same as before, Zuma 2x’s a week and ballet beautiful almost everyday for 15-20 mins. Additionally, I have been watching my caloric intake with the app, Zoom. Good luck girls on your goals

  6. Alia

    My week was okay. With two kids under 3 I feel like I have no time to exercise.
    I do take the stairs and try to walk a mile a day.
    The food department is not so great. I am an emotional eater and tend to eat based on
    How I feel.

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