The ever evasive perfect bra

Ladies, finding the perfect bra is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to clothes shopping.

If you’re like me, you wait until the last minute…when the underwire is bent out of shape, or the elastic is popping out and by that time you are desperate for some new ones.

The problem is when you head to the store:

A. They don’t make that style anymore

B. You’re not the size you used to be and have to start all over.

C. They have your style, but the size is not in stock.

I always think when I buy a nice expensive bra, that I’ll come back another time and get some other colors.

But, for some reason that never happens.

bra not on person

Last week, I stopped by Victoria’s Secret, because they actually started carrying a nice full coverage every day bra a few years ago (wow is that how old my bras are? lol). I decided to browse a little since the kids were not with me and I saw a sale bin of various undergarments. I decided to look through.. I mean it can’t hurt, right?

I had to keep myself from screaming out loud… but I came across some underwear that I nearly touched.. and it had some stains in it. I am sure this is probably the grossest post I’ve had to write. And it doesn’t really have to do with bras, but it’s part of the story so I though I’d share it.

Needless to say, I told a sales person who didn’t seem too concerned. Then I looked at some bras and noticed what looked like self tanner or makeup stains on the white ones. That was it…I put my stuff down and left. There was no way I was going to buy anything from that place! It made me wonder just how much stuff gets worn and returned. When it comes to undergarments, I am not taking any chances.

Here I am, with no bras and back to busting out my sports bras while the only decent regular one is in the laundry.

Well, today I took a trip to Nordstrom Rack… and amazingly found 1 bra in my size that fit me. I’m not joking. But that’s how it usually goes. It was perfect and it was half the price of the one I was going to get from VS.

The brand is Wacoal and they are a higher end brand that generally makes very well structured undergarments.

Bottom line, it’s hard to find a bra. Just like a good pair of jeans… you have to take the time to try them on.

And of course always launder when you get home, just in case someone else was in them.

Tip: If you find the style and size you love, always look online for it and you might find great deals, or at least you can get more if the store doesn’t have them.

Bonus Tip:¬†If you’re going to get measured do not trust the store clerks they are not trained well and you’ll end up looking like you have a a lumpy bumpy uni-boob.

Where do you go bra shopping? Any favorite styles?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Carly, it is indeed getting creepier as the years go by. Such a shame, because it used to be so nice and classy.

  2. carly

    I never go to VS that place creeps me out! I have had good luck with Wacoal also and love every undergarment I ever bought of that brand. Well worth every cent. I have also bought from online retailers with not as good luck. You really have to be selective I think about undergarments. Kohl’s has some lines that I have recently bought and they fit well. Maybe I just hit one that was a great store. Also if you happen on a good T J Maxx those also are hit or miss i have found but if you hit a good, one you will know. And YES wash every garment you buy before wearing, just in case there may be chemicals or something on those jeans, etc! Happy shopping…

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