A wonderful break and a re-charge

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What a wonderful weekend I had. If only it could have lasted longer!

I say this, because I finally realized what people say when they advise married couples to “go on a vacation” and more importantly to “go without the kids”.

My husband and I ended up going away for one night to beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for our 10 year anniversary.

Of course… the whole way there I was worrying in the back of my head about the kids, and how they would be acting without us, if they’d be upset and not able to go to sleep at night, and whether it was the right decision.

Yep, I’m a worrier.

We left the kids in the care of my mother (I’m so thankful that she took the train to Chicago just to come stay with them. I’m truly blessed Alhumdulilah).

In any case, even though I knew they were safe and in good hands.. I kept thinking of worse case scenarios.

I was so close to telling my husband we should drive back after we spent time there for the day.

I know that I need to let the kids experience life without me hovering over them 24/7 and I also have to give myself time to enjoy my marriage and not have my kids as the center of the universe… but I never take action.

It’s one of those things that I often think about and plan out in my head.. but it never materializes.

This was the first time we went on a trip together since we had kids…and they weren’t the focus!

I finally surrendered and forced myself to let go and be in the moment. I did my best to soak it all in, and just have a great time.

What an amazing and liberating feeling!

When we came back to Chicago the next evening, I was missing the trip already and thinking about how refreshed and better I felt.

My stress melted away overnight, and I’m definitely realizing not just the importance of traveling without my little drama queens, but also going on vacation. I tend to work hard and not take much time out to relax and get away from the city, and that’s something I want to do more of inshallah.

Now I’m actually looking forward to planning another trip… any suggestions of great relaxing places?