Exciting Ramadan feature!

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I know I mentioned I was going to announce something I’ve been working on… well it’s finally coming your way!

I’ve been putting together a podcast and I have a few episodes that will air this Ramadan.

If you are new to this blog, you may not know that I started doing podcasts years ago… you can listen to some old ones here.

But, this time it’s totally different. And I’m excited to share it with you all.

It’s just a way for me to test how it goes and whether you guys want me to produce more.

It will be published online every Friday, starting this week.

I don’t want to explain it too much, because I would rather you experience it and then give me feedback.

The place you can hear it is right here on the website, I will embed the file.

I’ll also do my best to figure out how to get it up and running in the itunes store and other formats.

Can’t wait for you guys to listen!

In other news.. wow Ramadan is nearly here! Seriously?!

I’m not as prepared as I had hoped. I kept thinking it was some time next week. But, as far as preparation, who am I kidding.. am I every prepared?

All you can really do is just go with the flow and soak up the month as best as you can.

Are you ready to fast? Will you be doing anything differently, like not watching TV or going to taraweeh prayers? I feel so depressed when I think about how I haven’t really gone to taraweeh since before I got married.

Once I got married I got sucked into work life and then having kids and time literally flew by and I look back and wonder what happened to that person.

I used to be so involved and so concerned with spirituality, and now I’ve kind of let it go.

I keep thinking “tomorrow” I’ll grab it back and fit it into my life.

I’m praying that Ramadan will give me the boost I need to at least maintain better habits.

How about you? Are you excited? Nervous? Indifferent?