Regal abaya for Ramadan or Eid

This Abaya was sent to us by Al-Shams luxury abayas.

We received a navy blue color, and this beige color.

The one that I’m wearing in the picture is called Dhakirah and the color is “creamed butterscotch”.


The hijab was also provided by Al-Shams.

The sizing for the abaya is very generous so you’ll most likely have to alter it if you’re on the shorter side like me (I’m about 5’3).

You can also wear a some heels to offset the length if you prefer.

I love the detailing of the sleeves and the matching belt

The item arrived packed in the most beautiful box and tissue paper.

You can tell the company spends time on putting the items out for delivery.


We did offer our honest feedback that the price point was a little bit high initially.

In response, the designer mentioned they were listening to multiple recommendations that they take the price down a bit.


With that in mind the abaya is now priced at $225 and if you sign up for the email list you can get an extra 20% off and free shipping. AND the bonus? 30% off for you dear readers! Just enter the code: HIJABTRENDZ

So you’re getting a great deal!

To find out more about them, make sure to check out their website by clicking here.