Turkish hijabs are always in style

I’ve always loved Turkish hijabs, and I’ve been saying for years that Turkish women are some of the most stylish hijabis around.

They wear hijab the closest (in my opinion) to what the guidelines are. Although what are the guidelines really? We see so much variation these days lol.

From what I’ve seen with Turkish hijab, there aren’t any wild turbans or short sleeves mixed with hijab.

It’s always put together so nicely and elegantly.

Turkish hijab from Fandri

When I was a kid I remember seeing my first “hijab fashion show” and it was a video my mom’s friend brought back from Turkey.

I was in awe. This was in the very early 90’s. Back when Muslim women didn’t really have much creativity when it came to fashion and style. Of course other parts of the community and the world for that matter, had their take on hijab fashion. But with these women, I believe it was more of them trying to “make lemonade out of lemons”. Muslim women wearing hijab were facing discrimination in Turkey, and they found a way to blend both their religious beliefs and modern dress into one.

In any case, instead of rambling, I wanted to gush about Fandri.

I bought a few hijabs from them awhile back, and I’ve recently started to wear them more often. It’s nice to have some floral patterns and colorful prints to brighten up my wardrobe for summer.

Turkish hijab fandri

I almost forgot how light and airy they are. You can feel the breeze outside and you don’t feel like you’re getting hot and sweaty.

Carrying off the look is very hard, but I’m trying!

Fandri hijab 2015

The outfit I’m wearing is a loose and long look to keep cool. Linen wide leg pants are from JC Penney, Long top from Gap is a little bit too big, but I guess it’s better than tight? lol, and under the top is a tank top from The Limited. Birkenstock Giza sandals. And of course the hijab is from Fandri.

Are you digging the old school look? I think I’m going to get back into wearing the square hijabs (folded into a triangle). 

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  1. Rana

    Such a great perspective on the modern Turkish women’s dress! It really is a great combination of modern style with Islamic/ Turkish values. I love the Turkish square hijabs, like the yazmas and the silk. I didn’t know about this store, but I always get mine from Modefa (www.mymodefa.com) and I have really liked them. Their silk hijabs are especially nice, i like the Aker it smells really good.

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