Blue on blue on blue

I think I’ve come to realize I love the color blue. But I’m sure I’ve said that before lol.

Maybe because it’s calming and a reminder of the ocean and water and the bright blue sky on a sunny day…whatever it is.. I love it!

The other thing that I’m enjoying, is trying to be more minimalist when it comes to fashion and dressing up.

That means little to no makeup (my general go-to look lol), very little jewelry, and using the same key pieces in my wardrobe in different ways.

I’ve pretty much dressed like that most of my life, but now it’s trendy to give it a title right? “Minimalist” haha.

If you recall, I previously wore this dress shirt as a light long jacket with a Turkish hijab style and white wide legged linen pants with sandals.

This time I paired that same top with some heels and a bright purse and buttoned the top all the way down.  This gave the shirt a completely different look.

hijab fashion in Chicago Blackhawks city

Hijab fashion next to Blackhawks sign


Now, I understand there is a bit of drama surrounding the idea of “jeggings” or “skinny jeans”.

For my personal preference, I like to wear them with super long and baggy tops.

These are a version of jeggings I picked up at the Gap awhile back. I ordered a size larger than what I wear.

It’s almost a modern twist on the “shalwar kameez” that a lot of South East Asian cultures wear. Which is basically a long top with tapered pants underneath.

I’m really getting into more of these baggy looks. I think they are classy and elegant, and depending on how you style them, they don’t have to look like something out of the frumpy potato sack category.

What’s interesting, is that if you look at how this outfit paired with the wide linen pants in my previous post, it gave me a completely different silhouette. In the other outfit, I looked fuller and rounder. In this one, because I paired a very large baggy top with slightly fitted pants, it created a longer leaner look.

I’m fascinated with just how much change you can create with very simple tweaks.

Next time, I’ll show you this look with a more casual vibe… I have to bust out my all time favorite Converse sneakers for that one!

Outfit details:

Shoes: Studded heels
Pants: Gap
Shirt dress: Gap
Hijab: Hijabtrendz jersey hijab
Purse: Calvin Klein

What are your thoughts on recycling your outfit and wearing it with different shoes, scarves etc. to change it up?

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  1. nijma

    I love mix and matching outfits. I think it’s important to make the most out of your wardrobe.
    I agree with about the skinny jeans as compared to the southeast Asian cultural dress. And you are right, a person must be careful with proportion as you did so well with this outfit. I am not a fan of red or matching shoes and handbags ( cuz i am very blaa) but you rocked it so well. It’s hard to wear the same color throughout an entire outfit for a hijabi, and this outfit works so well. I love how you dress it up and it can easily be dressed down. This such a hot outfit.

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