The open cardigan look is always in style…when you need a quick outfit!

First of all, I hope you didn’t miss my posts too much 😉

I enjoyed a much needed few days off from the life of the internet world and work and big city hustle and bustle.

It was so nice to spend time with my family and enjoy nature and take the kids out and about.

What I noticed is that it’s such a huge lifestyle change going from the big city of Chicago a little south to Urbana where my family is.

Life there is that of a typical University town. In the summer it’s empty and laid back. Also, there is so much more to do, or at least it feels that way because everything is so close by, you are not tired of driving from point A to point B. Here in Chicago… after going to one place 45 min away with traffic… you can barely get up enough energy to see friends and socialize because you spent all day in the car.

You’re probably thinking right now…. where is this cardigan you mentioned in headline?

Here it is in one of my other favorite colors…maroon (I know I’m usually in blue from head to toe).



I have to say initially I was absolutely in love with this cardigan. It’s extremely light and breathable.

However, upon looking at the photos later, I realized it’s also a fabric that causes the dreaded “bumpy lumpy” look.

If you have anything of any sort of shape or texture underneath, it will show. So for example, my scarf being a little bit tucked underneath in the back, kind of gives me a slight hunchback. Of course maybe I’m the only one that noticed it, and now I just made you notice haha.

The funny story about the outfit.. well as I mentioned up top… I went to my parents for Eid weekend. And then decided to stay an extra few days.

I only packed my Eid outfit, some pajamas and these jeans with a tank top and light jacket and two hijabs.

I honestly didn’t think I was staying long. I headed to the local Meijer down the street to get some groceries (one of those big grocery store chains that sells clothes and everything else) and I spotted this top. I got one in black too. Presto change-o… I was able to expand my wardrobe instantly!

Now, because I have these, I’ll have to find new ways to wear them as I try my best to stick to a frugal clothing budget and eliminate all unnecessary items I never wear.

Also, the only other mishap is carrying this HUGE tote everywhere. That thing almost knocked people over. I wanted to use it for travel mostly, and I should have brought a smaller purse along for day to day. But, as I said earlier.. I didn’t plan to stay all those extra days. I guess I was having too much fun! 🙂

And one more thing… the tank top I’m wearing shrunk to half its original length after I washed and dried it at my parent’s place. Their drier literally seems to cook the clothes… I was bummed because I thought I’d actually found a nice long tank top! lol.

Hijab: Black Hijabtrendz jersey scarf
Tank top: Calvin Klein
Pants: Target Denizen
Shoes: Cole Haan
Cardigan: Falls Creek
Tote: Kate Spade
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer

Are you a fan of these open cardigans? I sometimes pin them closed if I feel like they flap open too much.