Hijabi singers everywhere but America

I happened to see a commercial on Arabic television for the Middle Eastern version of the music competition show “American Idol”.

What caught my eye? A hijabi singing!

Watch the clip below:

As a hijabi who has pursued the performance route, I’ve been through my fair share of naysayers.

But I firmly believe we need role models for our girls, and hijabis doing things that are outside the box is necessary.

It’s frustrating to see that in the United States, there is still this bizarre hangupĀ about it.


Why do you think it’s so hard for some Muslims in the United States to let go of old cultural baggage?

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  1. matinajazmine

    Am also shocked by this
    But the most shocking thing is we hijabis are afraid of what people will say
    I do sing .I just started my youtube channel recently but am yet to be a pro singer
    It’s frustrating because people will speak I’ll of you and they start saying oooh your going to jahanam (hell)
    We should stop judging people as muslims

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