Do you hate your hijab?

Hijab is one of those things that everyone has an opinion on whether they wear it or not.

There is this odd dimension we live in when we wear hijab.

Random people feel the need to tell us that we aren’t wearing it properly. Or on the other hand, we get people who are against Islam and want to lecture us on “how oppressed we are”.

Why cant we just be left alone?

Hijab is definitely a struggle when you’re living in a place where you don’t always feel supported.

Even if you do live in a Muslim majority country, or somewhere that hijab is seen as “normal” you can still face doubt and struggle with it. Particularly when you see the hypocrisy. Women in hijab being treated as though they’re diseased, while Becky with the good hair walks by and people open the door for her.

We live at a time where looks seem to be the number one priority. I’m sure it’s always been that way, but it’s getting more extreme.

In the past it was left to celebrities and those in the public eye to always be ready for a picture. But now, we have access to all that technology at our fingertips. We can become instantly famous and lauded for our looks and our bodies, our clothes and our superficial belongings.

People can have surgical tweaks and in seconds change their looks. Poutier lips, bigger chest, larger behind, smaller nose. You name it, it’s not just for the rich anymore. And it’s so easy to get sucked into that.

Now imagine, you’re a woman in hijab.

When you are surrounded by all this superficiality, it can make you feel quite dowdy.

As a hijabi I know how hard it is to push against the temptation to take my hijab off and blend in.

After all, who doesn’t want to dress up and walk outside with their hair done up all nice, and their makeup looking good?

We all want to be accepted.

I’m no angel, I have moments of weakness.

And I think it’s important that we acknowledge that there are good days and bad days. We don’t need people to discount these feelings and say things like “If you’re having a hard time it’s because your faith is weak”.

How about it just really sucks to have to be this symbol of Islam, while lots of Muslim men walk around looking all GQ? How about…my faith is the only thing that keeps me going every day?

Some hijabis are perfectly fine and don’t have a single bad day. But for those of us who can’t be perfectly pleased every single day of the week, know that you’re not alone.

Do you struggle with hijab? How do you handle your bad days?

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  1. Mariam

    @Nijma, thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciate it! I hope that you’ll come back and comment again :), I always love to hear what people have to say. Thanks again!

  2. Nijma

    Your honesty is so appreciated. We all have have thought it, but most won’t admit it. The internal struggle is one we all have, and hijab is just one if those conversations we have in our head. I do not comment on most of your blogs, but read them all.
    Thank you sister

  3. Mariam

    Zainab, yeah I feel a little awkward trying to make my inside non hijab look… into an outside look. One thing that helps, is to have occasions and events for girls only parties where we get to do all that. Oh how I miss my old college days! 🙂 It’s just not the same to dress up for myself and family at home lol. Sometimes you need an audience 😉

  4. Zainab

    Wow sis thank you so much. One of the things I miss is wearing pretty earrings and having them show. I know girls can wear hijab and still do that but in my mind it’s one or the other and I have chosen not to wear them.

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