This hijabi is gonna sing

I previously wrote about my frustration about the lack of hijabi singers in the United States.

Well, instead of complaining, I’m going to be part of the solution.

So, I am sharing a satire song I posted a few days ago in honor of the dramatic elections we’ve had in the U.S.

I’m not a professional guitar player as you can see lol.

I took a few classes last year and didn’t pick it up until recently to make this video and this is what I came up with hehe.

I’ll be making more things like this over on to the Mariam Sobh youtube channel.

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  1. Mariam

    @Rafath thank you for your sweet comments and the information about the group. You can also see hijab tutorial videos I made at

  2. Rafath Waheed

    Moms Building Bridges wants me to show them how to wear Hijab in different style. I am not so good. Is there anyway you could show on our Moms Building Bridges Facebook. Thank you.

  3. Rafath Waheed

    Assalaamu Alaikum Mariam,

    “Stay Woke” is a beautiful song. I didn’t know you sing so beautifully…MashaAllah. I shared your website with Moms Building Bridges a multicultural interfaith group of women…its been a year since it was formed. Kathy McBane is the Founder and Director of Moms Building Bridges. She is an amazing woman with vision and compassion and a desire to make this world a beautiful place for all to live. We are on Facebook. We are organizing World Hijab Day at Naperville Downtown and we’ll be meeting by Barnes & Nobles at 10:00 am and then walk in a procession. And finally stop by a coffee place before we end this event. Please spread the word. May Allah Subhanwata’alah bless you and your family with immense Barakah….Ameen.
    Was Salaam
    Rafath Aunty

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